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Cataract Surgeon in Gujarat

What is Cataract?

How Cataract develops?

Most commonly cataract develops due to the aging process taking place in our lens. It is known as Senile Cataract.

What are the Symptoms of Cataract ?

Gradually increasing blurring of vision is the most common symptom of cataract. Some people may have changes in the brightness of the seen objects. Glare may be experienced by some, specially at night. Difficulty in driving at night is common due to this. This is because of breaking up of light rays due to the cataract. Some people may have complaints of seeing rings or halos around lights. However, Cataract never causes pain, itching or redness.Sahajanand Eye Hospital is offer experienced cataract surgeon in Ahmedabad

Cataract Surgeon in Gujarat

Can Cataract be prevented?

No, till date no preventive measure is found for the Cataract though research continues. It is an age-related change. No drugs, diets or medicine can delay or cure the Cataract. However, wearing a sun-glass that blocks the UV rays can slow down the process of development of Cataract Surgeon in Ahmedabad.

What is the treatment of Cataract?

Surgery is the only way to remove the Cataract.

What exactly is done in Cataract Surgery?

Under an operating microscope and with Phaco-emulsification machine a small cut is made in the eye and opacified lens is liquefied and removed and an Intraocular Lens made of silicon or acrylic is placed in place of natural lens. Sahajanand Eye Hospital is offer experienced cataract surgeon in Ahmedabad.

Will Surgery improve the vision ?

Over 95% of Cataract surgery will improve the vision. While pre existing associated condition like glaucoma, diabetes, retinal condition etc may limit the vision even after surgery. Yet, Cataract surgery may still be worthwhile and necessary.

When should I Plan my surgery ?

Under ordinary circumstances cataract surgery is not an emergency situation except in a few rare instances. Therefore in most of the cases the choice of undergoing surgery largely depends upon patients. In the past, because of unavailability of phaco emulsification technique surgeons usually waited till the time cataract became mature or ripe, but modern technique advances have now made possible to perform cataract removal at early stage. When it interferes with your day to day work, it is time for surgery. However, it is advisable to have cataract operated early before it becomes hard. An Ophthalmologist can give proper guidance.

What are the surgical techniques ?

All cataract extractions are performed under an operating microscope under sterile conditions. The different techniques in use now for cataract extraction are :-

  • Conventional ECCE ( Extra Capsular Cataract Extraction)
  • Stitchless Small incision cataract surgery
  • Phaco Emulsification
  • Newer Phaco-emulsification - Ozil technology

How long does one have to stay in the Hospital after the surgery ?

It is an Out Patient Surgery. No stay is required. Patient will be discharged immediately after the surgery.

What post operative care is required ?

After surgery you should be able to resume most activities almost immediately. You will be cautioned against lifting heavy weights and strenuous exercise to avoid putting unnecessary strain on the tiny structures as your eye heals.

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