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Best Glaucoma Doctor in Ahmedabad

What is Glaucoma?

What are the various types of glaucoma?

The are 2 major types

1. Angle Closure glaucoma

2. Open Angle Glaucoma

Normally the fluid inside the eye (aqueous humor) is produced inside the eye by the ciliary body and flows out into the veins through trabecular meshwork, a sieve-like structure in the angle between the cornea (the transparent layer of tissue at the front of the eye) and the iris (the colored part of the eye). Any abnormality in the outflow of this aqueous humor results in its accumulation inside the eye and hence increased pressure.

What is Angle Closure glaucoma?

Acute glaucoma is a medical emergency that develops when pressure inside the eye increases rapidly. Angle Closure glaucoma can develop at any age, and must be treated promptly to prevent permanent vision loss. We are Best known For Glaucoma Surgeon In Ahmedabad.

What are the symptoms of Angle Closure Glaucoma?

Patient complains of eye pain, severe headache, nausea, sometimes vomiting also sensitivity to light, redness of the eyes, blurred vision, and seeing rainbow-like halos around lights.

What is the treatment of Angle Closure Glaucoma?

The pressure inside the eye must be lowered within 24 hours to prevent severe vision loss. Medications to decrease the production of aqueous humor and to constrict the pupil are used to treat angle closure glaucoma. Laser surgery is another common treatment.The Best Glaucoma Surgeon In Ahmedabad, Cashless Cataract Surgery In Ahmedabad Etc.

How can I know if I’m prediagnosed to have Angle Closure glaucoma?

A test called gonioscopy can be performed as part of an eye exam can predict a person’s chance of having an acute attack.

What is Open angle glaucoma?

It is the most commonest type of glaucoma. In this disease the pressure within the eye rises gradually, and due to increased pressure on the nerve of the eye there is vision loss which progresses over a period of years.

Am I at risk to develop glaucoma?

If you have a family history of glaucoma (specially in siblings), suffer from diabetes, are above 40 yrs of age, then you are at risk to develop glaucoma and you should get your eyes examined routinely by an eye specialist. The incidence of glaucoma increases with age, is more in males and in blacks. Near-sightedness has also been associated with open angle glaucoma.

What are the symptoms of Open angle glaucoma?

In its early stages, glaucoma is symptom-less. The gradual increase of pressure in-side the eye does not cause any pain or discomfort. As the disease progresses, however, vision begins to deteriorate. The deterioration usually begins with the peripheral vision


Loss of sight at the outer edges of the visual field. Patients may usually notice this while driving when they are unable to see an overtaking vehicle till it is beside or ahead of them. If glaucoma is left untreated, the field of vision continues to shrink until a tubular vision is left ( as if a person is seeing through a long tube). Gradually if left untreated then this tube gets smaller and smaller till at last the person becomes blind.

Can this blindness be cured?

In this case prevention is the only cure. The vision loss due to chronic glaucoma is irreversible. It is important to detect glaucoma before significant vision loss occurs and this can be done by some routine tests done by an ophthalmologist.

Is No injection glaucoma surgery possible!

Yes. Glaucoma surgery is possible without any kind of injection.

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