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Best Hospital For Lasik Treatment in Ahmedabad

Above 18 years of age

  • Lapto Lasik
  • Epi Lasik
  • Tissue Saving Lasik
  • Presbyonic Lasik
  • Wavefront Lasik With Cyclotorsion

Freedom from Glasses and contact lens.

Isn’t it uncomfortable having to wear glasses all the time. Don’t u wish you could just get rid of them. And contact lens aren't much better either with all the hassle of wearing and removing them everyday, not to mention the discomfort and tiredness of eyes at the end of the day when you have to go to that party.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could end all these troubles once and for all. All this is possible now thanks to laser vision correction. Obviously you would like to know more about the procedure so that you can make an informed decision; so we would like to answer some of the questions you may have while considering this procedure.

FREEDOM EYE LASER CENTRE is our sister concern where our patients undergo LASIK treatment. It is a state-of-the-art Laser centre where you can get freedom from glasses or contact lens and now even for your reading glasses.

Here we have the most reliable and hi-tech Nidek CXIII Laser machine which is both USA and Japan FDA approved. It is complimented by world class Moria microkeratome. With a combination of these latest advances in refractive surgery we can do very advanced wavefront Level-8 LASIK with Cyclotorsion Lasik(iris registration), Prolate level 7 ,Lapto LASIK and Presbyopic Lasik.

Any person above age of 18 years can go for LASIK procedure to get rid of his/her glasses or contact lens.

Wavefront LASIK helps to eliminate or reduce irregularities in the eye which are not removed by routine LASIK and thus help in achieving better vision than with your glasses.

Cyclotorsion Lasik technique is done with the help of iris pattern registration. Glasses are usually checked in the sitting position and when the patient lies down for Laser treatment the eye usually rotates (cyclotorsion) by upto 15 deg. So without cyclotorsion technology laser erroneously treats another spots and leads to less than perfect vision.

Prolate Level 7 LASIK helps in maintaining the prolacity of cornea after LASIK treatment. The loss of prolacity after routine LASIK can sometimes create night glare which is eliminated with the help of this technology.

With the help of LaptoLasik we can get extra corneal tissue to treat making it possible to treat patient with thinner corneas.

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What is Lasik?

Who is a Candidate?

The treatment is for patients age above 18 years who have a refractive error and meet certain visual and medical criteria and has constant refraction. In addition the best candidates tend to be those who are dissatisfied with their contact lenses or glasses and are motivated to make a change, whether it is due to occupational or lifestyle reasons. However, only a thorough examination by our LASIK team can evaluate whether or not you are medically suited for LASIK.

I am 16 Yrs. Old. Can I have LASIK done?

No. LASIK should not be done below 18 yrs of age because up to this age growth is continuous and the refractory power may still be changing. Hence, we cannot get a predictable result with LASIK below 18 yrs.

Is LASIK Safe?

Yes. When choosing this method to improve your vision safety should be your first concern. It's ours too. New generation Excimer lasers and advances in technique offer the highest degree of accuracy and utmost safety. Recent studies conducted internationally and by us show it to be a very safe and effective procedure.

Is Lasik Successful?

Yes. LASIK is a permanent treatment. However, patients who are 40 years and above may require reading glasses. Millions of patients worldwide and thousands at our centre have had an Excimer laser refractive procedure done on them successfully. During your consultation we will give you an idea of the procedure and the level of vision you can expect.

Does this procedure hurt?

No. There is no pain during the procedure. There may be mild discomfort for a few hours after the procedure.

How soon can I return to work?

You will notice an improvement in vision within 4-6 hours and a restoration of functional vision by the next morning. However, complete recovery may take up to 48 hours. Some people get back to work the day after treatment. Two or three days are suggested.